what were they thinking?

just recently on my travels through the wild rivers of FLICKR i’ve stumbled upon this mind-bending concept from what used to be a reputable brand “Bottecchia”.

certainly, i understand the whole thing about 80’s being the frontier of the crazy experiments and the whole blah-blah-blah about it. but can somebody explain to me the reasoning behind this one? it looks like a road hazard to ride.

for now, i can only imagine that conversation between the bottecchia frame builder and the marketing director shortly after unveiling this “master piece” to be something like this: 

Salute Francesco!


I just got an email from an avid bicycle collector and a friend Pete, who’s been expanding his collection of cycling history. He just recently acquired three bottles of vintage vino by Francesco Moser. Pete also has a stunning collection of over 60 vintage F.Moser jerseys plus an impressive collection of steel racing bicycles. 

just a small part of Pete’s collection. extra points if you can guesstimate the total worth in that room.

F.Moser for GazzettaTV

Traveling. BOSTON. photo essay. part 1. The North End.

Let me take you through the streets of Boston. Today we’ll start from the North End and will work our way west.

This part of town is well know for it’s Italian food, and plenty of it. so bring your appetite and comfortable walking shoes, to walk off that fettuccine aglio, olio e peperoncino with langostino. It’s okay if you don’t speak italian, ‘cuse most people here speak English.

Stay tuned. In our next posts we’ll see what else boston has to offer. It never disappoints.