colnago pista molteni circa 1970

just over a year ago i got an email from jon (spain) asking some assistance in identifying a track bicycle he just received from his dad. his father believes this bike was built for Michelle Dancelli from Molteni team. however, when this bike made it back to its new home in spain it was repainted to match its team colors. now jon wants to do justice and restore it back to its original glory.

looking at the headtube lugs and seat stay caps my first choice would be Masi. so we went back and forth trying to zero in on the correct origin of this frame to no avail. however, once the frame was stripped to bare metal the origin was revealed: COLNAGO engraving on seat stay caps.

just yesterday jon sent me some awesome final pics of his finished MOLTENI bike and shared an interesting story that went along with it:

Hey Alex,

a simple anecdote…
my dads team-mate and friend came by to see the bike and had a little discussion with my father on “how” they bought the bike.

It turns out they bought the bike in Cambiago (next to Monza), at what the time was Colnagos “workshop”. They went to get measurements for a road bike. The bike was simply there and was bought that same day from Ernesto.
What my father had in mind about the vigorelli velo was actually true, but 2 years before and so as to get the measurements for a Masi…

I was like ” now.. whos going to believe this?”. but as my dads friend has said ” at most 8 guys worked there and Ernesto was a normal man”

molteni arcore

3D advertisement for KNIGHT MOVES

i am constantly looking for ways to build a better ‘mouse trap’. luckily KNIGHT MOVES cafe has a busy train stop directly across the street from it. from 7 to 9 am crowds of under-caffienated people continuously board downtown-bound trains one after another just steps from KNIGHT MOVES. to raise awareness of a ‘cool’ coffee house i’ve decided to bridge the 2D advertisement with a third dimension – scent. a simple humidifier-like devise would be connected to a ventilation port located below the vibrant ad poster.

train shelter

a conversation could go something like this:


infographics take 2

as a bonus i’ve created a second visual skin for this project. in the second version illustration is used to amplify the effects of data presented. also, data is delivered in much simpler way for easier grasp. please note: second version has not been fully developed. for now it’s just a ‘departure point’ and could be developed further if it proofs to show enough promise.