magazine re-design

here’s one of my past school projects. the assignment is to pick and re-design a current magazine. deliverables are: cover (front and back), deparment’s page, editor’s page, one feature article. i picked NIGHTLIFE boston. text copy mostly placeholder; design and all of the photography by hrrundelfront and back covereditor'sfeatures feature page 1

art direction / corporate identity system for Taberna Tres Pescados

just finished designing this corporate identity system for a hypothetical tapas restaurant. this design is currently available for sale.

planning to open a restaurant soon? and need a bright identity for it? give a shout.

logob cardsb cards 2letterenvelopem boxmenuemenue 2

харчевня трёх пескарей

art direction ESPRESS brand identity

i’ve been extremely busy with design work lately. here’s one of my projects. it’s a corporate identity system for a coffee shop. identity is copyrighted and currently offered for sale. contact me if you’re interested in purchasing it or if you have an existing brand that needs a facelift or a major re-design.

espress LOGOespress cupcollateralletterheaddrink menu door sign