here’s a creation that deserves some air time. unbelievable level of detail on these bicycles. or should we call it a chopper?

driver’s license revoked? here’s an alternative

how fast can it go? …well, it depends entirely on you

it even has a chainguard, so you can barhop in style

you’re absolutely correct if you guessed Canada.

awesome 80’s

just recently got a call from my brother who was moving to his new apartment. apparently he stumbled upon a box with our cycling uniform from late 80’s. “do you still need it?” he asked. “HELL YEAH! SEND IT OVER, BRO!” i replied. 

i am a little nervous to try it on. i’ve put on a few pounds here and there. it’s been almost quarter of the century. those were awesome 80’s (if anybody remembers)

stay tuned to find out if i can still squeeze in to this kit.

who needs a local bicycle shop anyway?

who needs a local bicycle shop when you can buy your parts cheeper on line? is anybody going to miss it when it’s gone? with that in mind i’ve designed this t-shirt. so far it’s only a prototype, but if demand is there, i might have to do a limited run of these T’s. 

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