i finally got my hands on the original MOSCOW 80 frame. this was a limited run of bicycle frames designed for the USSR national team to compete in the 1980 Olympics. serial number of this particular frame suggests this is one of the last frames in the batch.

years of searching finally paid off. 

unfortunately, when i got this frame, it had all of its decals missing. so i had to get it restored.

gold leaf decals.           ISHIWATA tubing – light and stiff.

below: pictures of MOSCOW 80 replica custom built for me in 2010. i designed geometry, paint scheme and decals.

nothing fits as well as a custom tailored bike.  i am very pleased with the result.

3 thoughts on “MOCKBA 80 MOSCOW 80 MOSKVA 80

    • serial number is on the left (non-drive side) drop out. fork pictured is not the original. the original fork has soviet threading (i still have the original fork)
      bb is the same as takhion – 6025 68 1 with round cut outs

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