the man behind the “TAKHION”

allow me to introduce the father of “TAKHION” mr. Redginald Vorontsov – the engeneer and the mastermind behind the legendary concept. his bikes are among some of the most desirable and arguably the most beautiful bikes i have ever seen.  and while it’s easy to recognize one of Vorontsov’s frames, he himself remains a very private man.

not too long ago mr. Vorontsov emailed me this original tech drawing of one of his track hubs. first thing that caught my eye is lack of lock ring threads. his explanation was pretty simple: those were the “pre-hipster” days when track hubs where meant solely for velodrome use – ride fast turn left, repeat as needed!

through a rigorous process of editing and re-editing a new teeshirt design has emerged.

the staff of Vorontsov’s group withing the engineering bureau ЦКТБ ВЕЛО (Central Bicycle Design and Production Bureau that created and developed Takhion) consisted of three people: Redginald Vorontsov, Valeriy Selin and Ludmila Ostroverh.

let me tell you – this picture (above) really made my day.

all photos used here with permission of mr. Redginald Vorontsov

4 thoughts on “the man behind the “TAKHION”

    • hey Pete,
      it’s coming your way (size M? correct?)
      it might take a while, ‘cuse you know me – i’m supah busy
      but no worries it’ll get to your shores … sooner or later

      p.s. white or gray?

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