Brand re-design: MALI sprint

here’s one of my past design/art direction projects that still makes my heart beat faster every time i look at it. when i first got this frame, i knew it had some exciting story behind it but, the original paint and decals were in poor condition. interestingly enough, this bike won the gold medal at the 1994 Sprint World Championship in Palermo, Italy.  however, since i had no way to prove the legendary history associated with this frame, at that moment i thought it would be perfect opportunity to exercise my creative branding skills. so i took it upon myself to re-design the appearance of this frame to my liking. this was my chance to have full freedom in designing a totally new face for this ‘little-known’ frame with ‘big’ history. it was fun and joy coming up with paint color and new decal design. once the paint scheme and decals had been finalized this frame was shipped to the factory facility where it was skillfully restored to its new state. the final product exceeded my expectations (again)! without waiting too long i posted some pictures of it on my flickr with unassuming note: “this frame took the gold medal at the 1994 Women Sprint World Championship”. few days went by and i got an email from a reputable source saying something like: “…that’s a cool story bro … , BUT i got a video of that event … AND GUESS WHAT, the bike that took the gold medal in that race looked totally different.”

luckily for me i still had the pictures of the frame in”before” state to substantiate my claim. so here you have ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots. judge for yourself which one you prefer. i know i have my favorite.

this frame has since found its new home in a private collection.

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