who killed your LBS ::Local Bicycle Shop::

not too long ago expanding internet sales coupled with tough economic times posed grave danger to local bicycle retail industry. the end of LBS as we know it is within stone’s throw, i can almost see it from where i am.

however, bad news doesn’t stop there. boston’s bike-share program is here to stay. which means maintenance-free life for many cyclists using this program. it also spells “d-e-c-l-i-n-i-n-g s-a-l-e-s” for many already struggling bike shops.

bike share boston

without a doubt my children will inherit a very different retail landscape, where words like “local bicycle shop” and “video/record store” or “pay phone” will only exist in our memories.

support your local bicycle shop now! show ’em some love. send them a postcard (or something) tell them how much you’ll miss them when they’re gone!