here’s an image i was asked to design for an article called Parler Avec La Méduse.

About the project:
Drawn from a panel organized at the 2012 Women in French international conference in Tempe, AZ, and co-edited by Katerine Gagnon and Evelyne Ledoux-Beaugrand, this issue of Textimage focuses on works by contemporary women francophone artists in which text-image dialogue is directly or indirectly involved. The contributors discuss the performativity of this relationship of image and text in regard to gender, identity, and history. Entitled “Parler avec la Méduse” (Talk with Medusa), the issue is dedicated to French philosopher and writer Hélène Cixous who, in her landmark text “Le Rire de la Méduse” (The Laugh of Medusa) as well as in her later essays about visual art and cinema, has laid out a way of thinking about the image that is inherently a way of thinking about the feminine outside of phallogocentrism. In their presentation paper, K. Gagnon and E. Ledoux-Beaugrand demonstrate how Cixous’ critical reappropriation of the myth of Medusa leads to a redefinition of mediums and senses and new possibilities of expression of desire and subjectivity.

image for Méduse

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